December 18, 2023 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


It’s safe to say that the majority of parents, regardless of political affiliation, love their children and would do anything to protect their child and their innocence.

Unfortunately, we have some in Oklahoma who feel otherwise. We were shocked to discover Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Leslie Osborn’s involvement in a coloring book, focused on the sexualization and indoctrination of small children. Leslie Osborn was confronted at a recent Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women’s Conference about the inappropriateness of this coloring book and her involvement in its publication. This led to her recent resignation from the board of Targeting young children about gender dysphoria and adult sexuality is entirely inappropriate. It feeds into the social contingent epidemic we are now seeing in our culture. We are asking her to change her party affiliation as her current actions and apparent values to the protection of children and families are contrary to the principles of the Republican Party. You may go to for more information on who is behind the coloring book.

The coloring book, like the frog in boiling water metaphor, starts off innocently enough and soon turns into gender confusion, contraceptive methods, and awkward questions about sexuality.

View the Honestly Youth Sexual Health in Color Coloring Book at –

We are concerned about books like this being given to kids with our taxpayer dollars. It’s time to hold the line and protect our children from this type of indoctrination. And it’s time to expose those who are sexualizing our kids.



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