GOP Platform

GOP Platform

The 2000 Republican Platform was adopted on August 31, 2000 by the delegates to the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The American Dream: Prosperity with a Purpose

Old Truths For The New Economy
The Republican Congress
Taxes And Budget: Render to Caesar, But Let The People Keep Their Own Homeownership
Small Business: Where Prosperity Starts
Work Place of the Future
Trade: The Force Of Economic Freedom
Technology And The New Economy: The Force For Change
Privacy and Secure Technologies

Education and Opportunity: Leave No American Behind

A Responsibility Era
Real Education Reform: Strengthening Accountability and Empowering Parents
Higher Education: Increased Access For All
A New Prosperity: Seats for All at the Welcome Table
Children At Risk

Renewing Family and Community

Family Matters
Upholding the Rights of All
From Many, One
Justice And Safety
What Is At Stake

Retirement Security and Quality Health Care: Our Pledge to America

Saving Social Security: Helping Individuals Build Wealth
Security for Older Americans
Preserving and Improving Medicare
Quality Health Care: A Commitment to All Americans
Affordable, Quality Health Insurance
Improving the Quality of Health Care

American Partners in Conservation and Preservation: Stewardship of Our Natural Resources

Protecting Property Rights
Public Lands for the Public Good
American Agriculture and Rural America in the Global Economy
Emergency assistance to facilitate the transition to a market-driven regime
A Nation On The Move

Government for the People

Political Reform
Common Sense In Regulation
Judicial Reform: Courts That Work, Laws That Make Sense
Native Americans
The Nation’s Capital
Americans In The Territories

The Rules

The Rules of the Republican Party as Formally Adopted

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