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Meetings are open to OKCRWC members and their invited guests. Please text or call the club at 405-397-4257 to RSVP. We serve complimentary muffins, coffee and tea at each meeting. Networking starts at 10:30AM and program kicks off at 11AM.

Dr. Kevin Crow: Americanism | Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Dr. Kevin Crow teaches a wide variety of courses at USAO. Among the courses he teaches are Ancient Civilizations, Medieval and Early Modern Civilizations, Modern Civilizations, Russian History, Classical Greece, The Hellenistic World and Early Christianity, The Roman Republic, History of England and France 1515-1815, Ideology and Mass Culture in the Modern World, Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools, Political Geography of the Modern World, World Thought and Culture to 500, World Thought and Culture 500 to 1650 and World Thought and Culture from 1650 to Present.

In addition to teaching, Crow serves as an advisor for students majoring in history, supervises teacher candidates pursuing social studies certification during their professional trimester and serves as a university representative for Resident Year Teacher Committees.

Students tend to find Crow’s classes fascinating, exciting and inspiring. In recognition of his excellence in teaching, he was awarded the Regents Award for Superior Teaching in 2008 and again in 2010. Despite his reputation as an outstanding teacher, however, Crow is probably best recognized on campus as the sponsor of the largest student club at USAO, The Zombie Survivalists’ Club.