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Achievement Awards

This committee is responsible for keeping track of the volunteer hours of club members, and encouraging members to get and stay involved. Primarily telephone work, with a couple of articles in the newsletter.

This committee researches references to our nation’s and party’s history, to represented in the newsletter and occasionally read at meetings; chairman or committee member leads us in the Pledge of Allegiance at meetings,

This committee is in charge of the buying and selling of patriotic and GOP items at club meetings and at county and state conventions. This committee is an important part of our fundraising efforts. Members will take turns staffing the Boutique at meetings.

Caring for America
This committee supports our club projects at Suited for Success and the Battered Women’s Shelter. Members help gather clothes and toiletries and deliver them.

CATs (Conservative Action Team)
This committee is our pro-active group which encourages voter registration, campaigning for candidates; manning phone banks, and meeting new citizens.

Essay Contest
This committee is responsible for running the Essay Contest, which promotes patriotism, in the Oklahoma City schools. The job involves delivering the essay subject and rules to the various schools (often by mail) and obtaining judges who will read the entries. (Contest is usually held in November/December and the judging is done in January.)

First Ladies of Oklahoma
All Oklahoma First Ladies are encouraged to work on this committee. The goal of First Ladies is to raise funds for candidates in our state, and to encourage club members to become First Ladies.

This committee will be responsible for our fall fundraiser, which benefits Republican candidates. There are numerous jobs
on this committee, and everyone’s help is needed. Jobs include pick up and delivery, set up, ticket sales, publicity, telephoning, sponsorships.

This job involves rotating members who will greet people at the door to our meetings, and mingle throughout the meeting to make guests feel welcome.

This committee involves keeping a scrapbook of our club activities during the year and putting articles and pictures into the club scrapbook.

This committee is responsible for setting up for our meetings, as well as arranging for the food and beverages when meetings are held in private homes.

The Literacy and Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Program is responsible for selecting and purchasing books for one school each year, and arranging for the book presentation. A recommended list is provided.

This committee is responsible for labeling, stamping and mailing out our newsletter each month.

This committee is responsible for collecting membership dues and keeping an accurate list of members. They are also responsible for setting up and having printed our yearbook.

Membership Tea
This committee is responsible for the date, time and place of our annual Membership Tea; arranging for food and beverages; sending out invitations; and inviting guests.

This job involves writing copy for our monthly newsletter. Much of the job could be done via computer. Our newsletter is our link to all of the membership and is a vital part of our club.

This committee is responsible for arranging for each month’s program. Job involves telephoning, arranging for speakers, and running the program.

Publicity/Public Relations
This committee is responsible forgetting articles and pictures about the club into the local newspapers. Members can take pictures and/or write articles.

Silent Auction
This committee will work on the Silent Auction for the fall fundraiser. Much of the work can be done on the telephone.

Special Projects
This committee will be responsible for getting volunteers for the Decorator Showhouse, the Oklahoma State Fair, and any other event we are asked to participate in. A lot of work will be telephoning.

The telephone committee members call about 8 to 10 members each month to remind them of the meetings.

Oklahoma City Republican Women

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Phone: (405) 503-5057


Web: okcrwc.org