Mae Austin Scholarship

In memory of longtime member Mae Austin, the Oklahoma City Republican Women’s Club will award two (2) $1,000 scholarships for the Fall semester of 2015. These scholarships are available to women who are non-traditional students of higher education in the state of Oklahoma. They must be registered Republican voters in our state. For consideration, please complete the two (2) page application and mail it to:
Education Committee Scholarship Review
Oklahoma City Republican Women’s Club
4001 Twisted Trail Road
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73150-1910

Download the application here.

Thank you,
Scholarship Committee
Oklahoma City Republican Women’s Club

For more information, phone:
Shirley Beckett at 216-8702 or Cathy Wise at 341-2243

If you’d like to donate to this scholarship fund, please see the last page of our December Newsletter for the contribution form and instructions or click here.


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