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Damos la bienvenida a las mujeres hispanas en nuestra comunidad a unirse a nuestro club. Tenga en cuenta que en la parte superior de esta página, hay una opción para traducir cualquier página en español. A continuación encontrará información básica sobre unirse a Club de Oklahoma City republicano de la Mujer.

$25 annual membership fee— it’s worth every penny!

Who Can Join

  • Active members are registered Republican women who are actively engaged in the club who join for a $25 annual membership fee.



  • Associate members are those living outside the Metro OKC area, members of other Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women Clubs and Republican men who support our mission and do not have a vote. Associate member dues are $15.
  • Sustaining members are those who pay a minimum of twice the amount of annual dues with full voting priviledges.
  • Honorary members are non-voting members are awarded by unanimous vote at a general meeting.


Membership Benefits
Meet very well-informed, active Republican women

Monthly meetings during election years

Opportunity to meet candidates for office

Monthly newsletter

Information on upcoming events in Oklahoma City

New Courses

Contact Info

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway New York WC1 1BA

Phone: 1.800.458.556 / 1.800.532.2112

Fax: 458 761-9562

Web: ThemeFusion

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